About Us


'EMSA works for the institutional and professional development of museums to enable them preserve and promote Ethiopia's cultural heritage and uplift its people both culturally and economically'.


EMSA aims to achieve it's strategic objectives through the following core activities:-

  • Promote institutional and professional development in museum work.
  • Assist the collection, documentation and protection of cultural heritage using latest technologies.
  • Campaign and advocacy work with government/ private sector and the general public.
  • Network with local, regional and international institutions and professionals.
  • Assist the development of culturally and environmentally sensitive tourism.

Management Committee and Officers

EMSA is run by the Management Board (MB) which is elected annually from among its members. Currently, there are five officers serving on the MB who are responsible for the overall policy and running of EMSA and accountable for its operations. EMSA's day to-day work is run by the Co-ordinator and volunteers.

A number of Ethiopians residing in the UK financially assisted through membership contributions at the initial stage of EMSA's establishment. This allowed it to rent its first office and cover some of its running costs. Currently, EMSA conducts its work and maintains its existence from the meager resources its founder allocates from time to time as no major funding has been obtained so far. EMSA greatly appreciates contributions and welcomes further assistance from Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians who believe in its vision and objectives.